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Get ZARA USA International Shipping

The ZARA USA Sale 2014 is starting soon. We estimate it will start at or around Christmas time if we base our predictions on previous years. Since the opening of the new online store in the US we have had a lot of requests about how to successfully shop on the ZARA US online store outside the US. This US store is different and more popular for one obvious reason: the prices are lower than those of almost all of the other countries’ stores.

For example, compare the following prices for ZARA’s Combined Studio Coat at the online stores in the US, Denmark, and Japan.

ZARA Combined Studio Coat (Women)

  • US Online Store $229 USD
  • Denmark Online Store 1399.00 DKK ($250 USD)
  • Japan Online Store 27,900 JPY ($362 USD)

In some countries, the US price is as low as 36% off and of course these differences become even more interesting during the winter ZARA sale. So what can you do if you’re interested in ZARA styles, but can’t find ZARA in your country, or just want to get a better price?

We know it can be difficult or even impossible to make a successful purchase from the ZARA US Online store when you do not live in the US, so let’s take a look at a few things you can do to prepare for an effective virtual shopping trip.

ZARA USA International Shipping Using Package Forwarding

Step 1. Registering for a package forwarding account. To encourage you to buy from the stores in other countries (at higher prices), the ZARA US online store only ships to US addresses. However, you can get your own US address by registering for a package forwarding account, use it to order from the ZARA US online store, and ship your packages internationally. This is the first step in making a successful purchase on ZARA US online.

When you shop the ZARA USA online store you will have to hide your location and set up a VPN (virtual private network) service, such as Hotspot Shield, Strong VPN, or HideMyAss. to ensure you are not being blocked purely based on your IP address. We know this sounds a bit technical but it’s not that difficult to set up.

We have had some feedback from clients that some orders to be sent to package forwarding addresses are not accepted or cancelled. What now? There are two more things you can do:

Step 2. Get a US Unlocked Card. OPAS has teamed up with US Unlocked to offer you their US Unlocked Card. The US Unlocked Card is a debit card with your own US billing address. This address allows you to shop mostly anywhere.

Step 3. Use our Personal Shopper Service. If your package forwarding address and having a US billing address with US Unlocked is not enough for you to make a successful purchase with ZARA US online we offer our personal shopper solution. This option always works but does include higher service fees.

However, your OPAS package forwarding address is located in Oregon, the 0% US sales tax state, and you are probably saving a bundle from shopping the sale, which means you are still saving, even if you are using our personal shopper service.


Here is how you would calculate the costs of using our personal shopper service:

Combine purchase price and domestic shipping (which is often free, especially above a certain value) and add 15% for Package Only members, 10% for package & Mail members. Then add international shipping costs. Use our shipping calculator to estimate that cost: http://www.opas.com/shipping_calculator.php. To be even more complete, if you are worried about added customs duties in your country you can use this tool: www.dutycalculator.com. Now you have a full picture of the costs involved!

If you’re interested in clothes from ZARA, using a package forwarding account to get international shipping from the ZARA US online store is definitely the cheapest way to buy them.





International Shopping Service

international shopping service

Who uses our service?

International Shoppers

  • Our international shopping service allows non-US residents the ability to purchase virtually any item from a US store and have it shipped to their home location anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost.
  • Receive mail from any source
  • Take advantage of historically low exchange rates for the US dollar
  • Receive your items at a fraction of what it would normally cost to send without OPAS


  • OPAS is an ideal solution for expatriates desiring a reliable address through which to receive mail and packages.
  • Maintain a US address to receive any type of mail/package
  • Purchase items online not available in your current location and have us ship them to you.


Frequent users of eBay often comment on the inability for non-US residents to participate in the great deals and hard-to-find items listed on the world’s largest online auction site. An OPAS mailbox opens the doors of eBay to the entire world of users, both buyers and sellers.

  • For buyers, simply use your OPAS address when purchasing your items
  • If you prefer, use our personal shopper service and we’ll buy it for you
  • For sellers, we offer a special service to allow you to bulk ship your sale items to OPAS and we’ll fulfill your orders to US customers.

International Businesses

OPAS is the leader in providing an international shopping service to small businesses and eBay sellers who want a US order fulfilment capability.

  • Our staff work with you to design a cost-effective shipping program
  • Safely store your goods in our secure warehouse facility and let us fulfill your orders
  • We ship your items immediately upon notification of a sale to a US buyer
  • We can link directly to your management system to provide timely feedback

Get A US Address – How It Works

What we do in a nutshell:

how OPAS works

Get a US address

1. We provide you a with a personal mailbox with a real US address to receive packages.

Shop online 

2. Shop mostly anywhere and for almost anything – just have it shipped to your OPAS US address mailbox.

We forward it all to you  

3. We send all packages directly to you overseas – at a significant savings to standard shipping rates. We can do this right away, or we can consolidate your packages for you.

Your OPAS US address allows you too:

  1. Make purchases from most online retailers in the United States, even those who do not ship internationally.
  2. Benefit from 0% sales tax GUARANTEED as your address will be in Oregon, the 0% US sales tax state
  3. Take advantage of US internet sales and favorable exchange rates.
  4. Have an easy-to-use way to receive mail and forward packages to your overseas address
  5. Avoid difficulty using international credit cards with US merchants by using our Personal Shopper service or signing up for a debit card with our partner US Unlocked.
  6. Save a ton on shipping
  7. Buy and sell from eBay.com
  8. Consolidate items from many stores into one international shipment and save BIG (read our tips on consolidation here)

OPAS’ significant volume discounts save our customers up to 70% off the cost of shipping the items themselves! We have partnered with DHL and UPS – the global market leaders in the logistics industry. DHL and UPS deliver packages to more than 200 countries. Because of our partnerships, our customers can take advantage of steep discounts, track their packages in transit and receive their packages within 2-5 business days to most locations.

Get A US Address Today! 




Holiday Wish List – How To Get The Goods They Want

Although getting everything that is on your holiday wish list can be a rewarding part of the Holiday season, many people are just as excited about giving these gifts and seeing the joy on other people’s faces.  There is a certain satisfaction that is attained from surprising others with both unique and desired holiday presents.  This can make shopping for these items a treat as well.

With online access to world of retailers, finding just the right item for a Christmas present can become a much easier feat.  This includes those friends and family members who are hard to shop for, since the gifting options of the internet are boundless.

In many cases, major retailers like Amazon, Ebay, or even the Apple store will be able to complete much of the shopping for Christmas.  However, smaller niche market sellers can also be accessed with ease, and this will often allow for those unique presents that will please those who seem hard to please.

Holiday Wish List - How To Get The Goods

Getting The Goods

While online Christmas shopping does reduce much of the stress of running from store to store, there can be some factors to take into consideration, in order to ensure the right amount of holiday cheer.

  • Shipping – this includes the time it will take for orders to arrive and any shipping restrictions a vendor may have, such as international addresses.
  • Order processing – while this is an aspect of shipping, it is more related to how fast a ware house can complete an order.  Just because an order is processing does not actually mean that it is in the post.
  • Availability – some retailers will list the amount of stock on an item, and this is important to consider.  Low stock items may still allow the shopper to purchase them, but buyers can end up with a backorder if another order gets processed beforehand.
  • Billing restrictions – certain vendors require a US billing address or a debit card that is backed by a US bank in order to be processed.  These restrictions can create delays and frustration for the buyer.

In order to attend to these factors, it can be important for online shoppers to make their purchases early, as this allows sufficient time for delivery. Remember our Holiday Countdown Timeline?

It can also be necessary to set up a US Unlocked debit card account, since this can be required for completing the purchase.  Having all of these considerations attended to in advance can improve the Christmas gifting experience. The result is easy shopping, easy gifting, and lots of holiday cheer.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Techies

Gift ideas can often make the best impression when they are thoughtful and truly appeal to the person who is receiving them.  In some cases, recipients may be very vocal about exactly what they want, while other people make shopping for them a bit more of a challenge.  This can include making purchases for any occasion, from holidays to birthdays and graduations.

Finding the perfect present can take time, but online shopping allows for access to a myriad of common and uncommon items.  Sometime the hardest part is just setting off in the right direction.  Often, and item will trigger bigger ideas and more focused searches, so that the ideal gift comes to light.

OPAS gives shoppers the ability to access any of these items, with the convenience of a US address that is accepted by almost all online retailers.  This can further unlock the power of online shopping and the right present for the right person. Thoughtful gifting can be as simple as connecting interest with items.  Some of the following ideas will appeal to people over a range of ages, and can inspire the creation of the ideal shopping list for any occasion.

ultimate gift guide for techies

Check out our ultimate gift guide for techies:

  • Live Video Camera Drone – This great piece of technology combines aerial video capacity with the joy of flying remote control aircraft. $679.00 at Phantom. 
  • 3-D Printing Pen – For artists, for sculptors, or just as a unique toy, this pen can make solid creations with the ease of just drawing them. $79.99 at Amazon. 
  • iPad Foosball Table – When this stand is added to an iPad, it simulates a foosball game, complete with rotating handles to make the virtual players shift and spin. $71.17 at Amazon. 
  • Techno-Towel Holder – This little gadget allows for all members of the family to charge their digital devices without a fuss, and is deftly disguised as a practical holder for paper towels. $ 49.99 at Amazon. 

With so many products out there, finding the perfect gift can become an easy and exciting prospect.  With your OPAS US address, satisfaction is guaranteed, since being able to complete the checkout is also a part of the online shopping process.

Happy Shopping!

Ask and Win With #opashelps

ask and win with #opashelpsImagine finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Ask us for help to find the perfect gift and Win $20.00 of SHIPPING! Ask and Win With #opashelps.

Go to our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page and drop us a line with #OPAShelps. Make sure to follow us there too!

Please mention your ‘giftee’s’ age, gender, and their favorite movie or book plus your budget to help us help YOU find the perfect gift. We will reply with our suggestions.

We will randomly pick 10 lucky winners, they get their international packages forwarded with a $20.00 discount!

Meanwhile, here is list we created with some of our favorites to get inspired.

Happy Holidays!

Virtual US Address And Virtual Shopping

Virtual US Address And Virtual Shopping We know from the vasts amount of packages already coming into our warehouse, you are getting ready to give gifts!  Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already taken place, many, if not all, online retailers will have deals all through the month of December and stretching into January. You can be sure to find some serious deals online, coupled with 0% US sales tax, that can mean MAJOR savings. Imagine finding deals with free shipping to your OPAS US address and just think of the extra savings.

A World Of Opportunity With Your Virtual US Address

Although offering goods online has become a common way for retailers to move products, the convenience and security of online shopping has truly advanced over the past decade.  Initially, much of the online shopping was promoted by vendors like Amazon and eBay, where there was no physical store for buyers to peruse.  However, the present tense is that nearly every brick and mortar store now has online shopping and specials that are internet only. Regardless of where a you are located is located, you can still find deals and products that you would not be able to track down. This, combined with the ease of online shopping, makes this month with sales event an exciting time.

Some concerns that many shoppers do encounter is that while they may be able to find the items they are looking for with simplicity, they may not always be able to get them with the same ease.  This can happen regardless of where the shopper lives, as global online retailers can have some prohibitive shipping rules.  To get around this challenge, OPAS offers package forwarding that can accommodate just about anyone.

Checking Out And Going

While many international shoppers can often discover that their online shopping excursions may have been no more than a lesson in browsing, being prepared with a package forwarding address can turn just looking into a productive exercise.  This can be valid for customers who are ordering from vendors who only ship to a US postal address, as much as it can be for vendors who do not ship to the US.

OPAS provides package forwarding both to and from the US, with shipping addresses that will satisfy US or Japanese retailers.  This allows buyers to truly take advantage of all the December sales, with the assurance that their goods can actually get to where they need to go.

While many of you may be making preparations by making lists of products, and scoping out the retailers who are offering the best prices, one other step can make these preparations truly complete.  By signing up for an OPAS package forwarding address, shoppers can feel confident that they are ready for Christmas Shopping in every way.

Package Forwarding And A US Shipping Address

In many cases, the ability to shop online has greatly simplified gift giving for many people.  Tracking down those coveted items may no longer involve driving all over the place and hoping that a store has the goods in stock.  It can be as simple as running an online search, comparing some prices, and then proceeding to the checkout. One wonderful thing about online sales, is that shoppers can still enjoy the thrill of browsing and finding a deal, but can do so at their own convenience.  This makes internet shopping both convenient and efficient, with the bonus that the goods come to the buyer, rather than the buyer having to go to the products.  As a result, even real world stores are opening up to a global commerce through internet sales events and online checkout.

Wrapping Up A Deal

International shipping, however, has not quite caught up to the global trade.  A number of retailers still require a US based shipping address, even though their sites can be viewed by people around the world.  This small issue can put a big damper on the online shopping experience, but at OPAS, we feel that it shouldn’t have to.

Package forwarding through OPAS can give buyers a number of advantages that will allow them the get the products they want.  Along with the obvious benefit of having a US address that the vendor can ship to, buyers will also find:

  • Package consolidation
  • Shipping rate calculators
  • Personal shopping assistance
  • No US taxes with an Oregon address GUARANTEED!

While the prospect of actually receiving wares is already a big benefit, these other positive factors can turn international shipping from a hassle to a pleasure.

package forwarding

Before starting the online shopping experience, buyers may want to consider being fully prepared.  This can include applying for a US based postal address through OPAS.  The result is that goods which can be viewed around the globe can actually be shipped around the globe as well. Your personal package forwarding address is the start to shopping, saving and shipping to your home!

Black Friday Is Kicking Of The Shopping Season

black friday is kicking of the shopping seasonWhile it may seem as though the holiday season begins earlier every year, the official start of holiday shopping is still centered around Black Friday for the majority of retailers.  Online vendors utilize this date just as much as brick and mortar stores, adding new sales in the week leading up to Black Friday and the day itself. Although online customers can certainly take advantage of shopping from the comfort of home, rather than standing in line in the cold, many of the online Black Friday sales are still a virtual first come, first serve.  Sales may update every few hours for pricing, with special coupons and discounts that pop up as the hours advance.  The result is that online shoppers are still getting the savings and the thrill of a Black Friday event, but without many of the hassles.

Getting From There To Here

While many of the trials of a real world Black Friday sale are made easier, online shopping for the event does bring about some specialized challenges for shoppers to contend with.  Shipping can be one of the more frustrating hurdles, since buyers will often get all their items selected and into their virtual carts, before discovering that the vendor does not have a shipping option for that region. Especially when it comes to excited shoppers who have spent hours online, waiting for the right items and the right sales, this eventuality can be infuriating.  At OPAS, we fully understand just what a damper lack of shipping options can put on an otherwise fruitful online shopping excursion.  The solution to overcoming this shipping issue can be as simple as package forwarding.

Even larger online vendors do not always have shipping options that will accommodate all international regions.  Getting around this can include having a US based address where all the goods can be delivered to accommodate the vendor.  From this address, packages can be forwarded, in one shipment or in several, to the actual buyers address.  The result is that Black Friday events can truly become open to everyone.

Making Life Easier

While the online option for Black Friday sales events is certainly one way of making the transactions more pleasant, we feel that package forwarding can offer customers the complete experience without the frustration.  Setting up an OPAS package forwarding account is simple, and ensuring that a valid shipping address is available before getting to the checkout can also ensure that none of the sales items get virtually put back on the shelf.  If you are planning on spending an exciting Friday of shopping the online wares, then we encourage you to start your foray prepared.  Setting up an OPAS package forwarding account can ensure that your holidays are exactly as you have planned them :-)

Best Toys For Christmas 2014

Christmas morning is fast approaching and to lend a helping hand we created a short and sweet list of the best toys for Christmas 2o14.  We hope to inspire your Christmas shopping with these items!

osmoPlay Beyond the Screen!

Osmo promotes social intelligence and creative thinking. Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.

Find it here. 

Angeles Balance Bike

angeles balance bike

Kids can learn their balance and learn to ride a two wheeler on this smooth and sleek pedal free balance bike. Rugged welded steel frame with spokeless wheels on 2″ wide rubber tires. 5 year warranty, no assembly needed.

On sale from $159.00 to $119.00, get it here.

Disney Frozen Toddler Doll – Elsa

frozen doll elsa

What more can we say about the popular Elsa :-). Sure to put a smile on the little ones face.

One sale from $26.99 to $22.99, get it here.

Looking for toys that inspire your children to learn about STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?

STEM GIFTS amazon Amazon has a great selection.





GoldieBlox Spinning Machine, Parade Float and Dunk Tank Building Sets

goldie blox

How do you get girls to build and inspire the next generation of female engineers? Engage them with a story, challenge them with a problem-solving purpose, use colors, materials, and shapes that delight girls! Created by Debbie Sterling, a hip, young Stanford engineer (who always wanted a toy like this herself).

On sale from $80.00 for $69.97, get it here.








Fisher-Price Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover

Fisher-Price-Imaginext-Supernova-Battle-Rover--pTRU1-18527470dtYour little one can learn all about cause and effect play with the massive Fisher-Price Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover. By turning a disk, your child can send a small vehicle speeding down the ramp to check out a planet in space.

On sale from $119.00 for $99.99, get it here.








Happy shopping! Remember if you don’t have an OPAS account yet there is still time to set it up for Christmas and Black Friday shopping. Click here to get started! We hope  you enjoyed are list of best toys for Christmas :-)

ps, we always have different coupons to save on shopping and shipping, be sure to ask, just drop us an email via service@opas.com or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.