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Only 71 Days And Counting – Countdown To Christmas

It always seems as though the year has just flown by when it starts to get close to the holiday season.  Many shoppers make the vow that they will start compiling and purchasing for their holiday gift lists earlier than the year before, in order to avoid shipping delays and issues with product availability.  Sadly, even these best of intentions usually get a quick wakeup call as the fall season rolls in, and shoppers realize that they have not even begun to beat the rush.

However, this is not the worst case scenario.  Even as the countdown to the holidays gets closer, there are still a number of options that can ensure that the right gifts come in, right on time.  Online shopping can often be the ideal solution to beat the crowds, gather all the gifts on the list, and make sure that arrival times are not an issue.  When you add package forwarding to this equation, the solution can become even better.

Package Forwarding And Consolidation

While OPAS allows for international customers to take advantage of US sales, without the worry of being in a retailer’s “no-ship” zone, we also provide several further benefits when supplying you with a US based address for your package forwarding.

  • Your US address is based in Oregon, which means you are exempt from sales tax
  • This address qualifies you for many retailers who would normally not ship to package forwarding services
  • OPAS consolidates your orders, to save you money on bulk shipping, rather than individual rates
  • Any ensuing customs fees will also be consolidated as it is based on the contents of the bulk package

This consolidation can also help to speed your receipt of gifts and packages, so that you will be able to have the peace of mind that everyone’s presents are accounted for.

Of course, even with package consolidation, it is still important to get your shopping done earlier rather than later.  From our end, we do offer the following Countdown To Christmas Shopping to ensure that gifts are in before the actual holidays.

holiday shopping timeline

  • Plan on having OPAS ship to you by or before the end of November to ensure satisfaction
  • Having OPAS ship to you by the 7th of December can be cutting it a little close
  • Having shipments go out by the 12th of December may not ensure pre-holiday arrival

This means that getting your initial purchases in with retailers early will let us consolidate your goods for a better send out date of the bulk shipment.

Another factor to consider is whether your payment options will be accepted by US retailers for online purchasing.  OPAS works closely with US Unlocked, to also make sure that your virtual credit card has a corresponding US bank account, and this will mean less hassle in getting your presents together.

As the holiday countdown continues, it is better to be prepared on all fronts.  This includes making your gift list, but also visiting OPAS to secure your US based shipping address so that your packages will get to you in time. The sooner you act, the more assurance you have of a very happy holiday.

Holiday Shopping In The US – How To Beat The Rush

As the holidays draw near, many shoppers are focused on the prominent US sales days, although they may forget that there are other opportunities for deals that run straight through the fall.  As most retailers are gearing up for the bid holiday rush, they have also begun to space out some of their sales to make it more convenient for consumers to make purchases in waves.

Before true winter even hits, there are a number of events that can offer amazing deals for online shoppers, which can also allow them to take advantage of package forwarding and consolidation, to ensure that purchases arrive in time for the gift giving season.  Holiday shopping in the US at its best!

Some of the lesser known American sales days include:

  • Columbus Day, which falls on the 13th of October but will usually span a three day weekend, plus cyber-sale benefits
  • Boss’s Day, which is on the 15th of October, and can offer some great deals on electronics, gadgets, and anything that enhances productivity
  • Halloween on the 31st of October, which gives shoppers some ideal savings on decorations and party supplies that can still be used for the upcoming holiday fetes

While these sales may not be considered as large as the jumpstart to the holidays in November, they still give wise shoppers the chance to take advantage of savings and creative gifting ideas for the months to come.

holiday shopping

Making The Most Of Diversity

Although Halloween is observed in some international nations, Columbus Day and Boss’s Day are uniquely American.  For shoppers around the globe, this means that making the most of these sales could mean having to verify an American shipping address.  With OPAS package forwarding, we offer you a valid place for all your goods to be sent to, and then consolidate the items into one bulk shipment which saves you time and money.

Partaking in these sales can be as simple as visiting our website and getting yourself set up with a US based address to ensure that transactions will be completed.  Once we receive all of your orders, we carefully pack them together, and ship then out as a single package.  This way, you can not only shop early and get the best deals, but also know that your gifts will be under  the tree before December comes.

Big US Sales On Big Days

Although many holiday shoppers do like to have their gifts lists in order well in advance of the holidays, the best gifters do recognize that November is pretty much the month that everyone is waiting for, when it comes to grabbing the best items for the lowest price, November holds a bounty of sales treasures with three particularly coveted big US sales days:

  • Veteran’s Day is on the 11th of November, but sales will generally span three to four days for a long holiday weekend.
  • Thanksgiving, on the 27th of November has turned into the pre-shopping kickoff of sales and limited items that are highly coveted.
  • Black Friday, which really starts with Thanksgiving but is technically the 28th of November, is the ultimate sales extravaganza, with in-store and online deals that draw shoppers in with their limited quantities.

Each of these events can mean the difference between absolutely delighting loved ones, or settling for second best.  This means that shoppers need to be prepared, with valid payment options such as US Unlocked cards, and reliable shipping addresses such as OPAS’ Oregon based package forwarding.

Big US Sales On Big Days

 How To Be Savvy

There are several ways that international shoppers can make the most of these November events.  One way is to research the online sales dates and qualifications, and make sure that they have the necessary tools to meet retail criteria.  Another way is to register for an OPAS US based shipping address, so that there are no hold ups in delivery.

While OPAS makes international shipping and package forwarding a simple process, shoppers should also be aware that even with bulk shipments, some customs limitations will always apply.  We recommend that you peruse our FAQs about international shipping to make sure that you will never be disappointed in your purchases.  We also recommend that you look at the list of items which do have limitations, so that you are aware of what will speed your shipping process and what may hinder it.

In the same manner that researching sales dates can lead you to the best shopping experience, familiarizing yourself with the benefits of OPAS package forwarding can also ensure that you goods will arrive on time and without restraint.  At OPAS, we pride ourselves on our dedicated staff and exemplary customer service, as this means that you will be fully satisfied.  Working together with care and attention is the way that we help you have the best holiday possible.

Get Ready for Holiday Shopping With OPAS

Holiday shopping can be both rewarding and stressful at once.  Much of this comes from the love that you feel for the people on your gift list, and the desire to want to please them with the ideal gift that they will cherish.  Since so many people have such diverse tastes and interests, sorting through that holiday list may be a little overwhelming.  However, with so many great online stores and deals to choose from, as well as the ability to consolidate you package forwarding through OPAS, you may find that everyone’s ideal can be accommodated.

Getting it just right

With a wide list of retailers that will ship to OPAS package forwarding, shoppers can access a number of different products at once, and consolidate all the order into one bulk shipment.  One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting your loved ones what they really want can be to ask them to make an online wish list.  Retailers who are set up for wish list creation and access include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Gap
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Beauty.com

This allows shoppers to access the wish lists of their loved ones, and pick and choose the items that they know their family and friends want.  While the gift itself may still be a surprise, you will know that you have purchase a coveted item that will bring joy through the holiday season.

get ready for holiday shopping

The Guessing Game

Sometimes shoppers will need to rely on their knowledge of the hobbies and interests of others in order to come up with the perfect present.  For cooks and gourmands, Williams and Sonoma can deliver.  For techies who are looking for the latest gear, Amazon, New Egg, and even eBay may have just the right gift.  If your loved ones are fashion oriented, then Neiman Marcus, Victoria’s Secret, ZARA US, and Saks Fifth Avenue can be the way to go.

Sometimes dropping subtle hints to glean the nature of present desires can also be an effective way of finding the right gifts for the right people.  Regardless of how you go about this, OPAS works with all of these retailers, to ensure that you can get your gift list sorted no matter where you are ordering from.  Visit our website to not only find out about the sellers we work with, but also how package forwarding can make your holiday shopping more convenient and efficient than ever.  Remember, if you do run into a problem our customer service  and personal shopping teams are happy to help.

eBay Shopping In The US For Customers Worldwide

eBay Offers A Completely Unique Shopping Experience For Customers Worldwide

Based in San Jose, California, eBay is one of the most interesting companies that you can buy from with OPAS. This website offers a fast-paced and interesting “auction” format that can allow you to purchase items much more inexpensively than you might at retail.

People enjoy the opportunity to shop at eBay for many different reasons:

1) Diversity

You never know what you are going to find on eBay, and many of the items that are listed are practically unique. When you are looking for something really special, or don’t know quite what you want at all, it can be a good idea to look at eBay.

2) “Victorious Shopping”

There is nothing quite like the experience of getting something you want from eBay, especially at a reasonable price. There are different strategies you can use to ensure that you get the item you want, and the excitement involved in the process is unparalleled.

3) Bargains And Deals

When it comes to making items available for sale, eBay provides a uniquely versatile platform especially designed for independent sellers. You can find excellent deals and may be able to achieve a substantial savings on products, especially U.S. goods.

ebay shopping US

OPAS Makes It Possible For People Around The World To Do eBay Shopping In The US

There is one minor drawback to eBay when it comes to international customers, and that’s the decentralized way that shipping is handled. Each seller has a vastly different approach to how they do shipping, and some may not ship internationally at all.

While most eBay sellers are highly trustworthy, some people use international shipping fees as a way to increase their profit on each sale. The best way to make sure that you are getting a good deal on the site, therefore, is to use a U.S. shipping address.

OPAS makes it easy for you to get items sent to our centralized location. Everything you have purchased can then be forwarded to us without any difficulty on your part. This makes it far more easy than ever before to have a presence on eBay.

It’s a good idea to get started with eBay as soon as possible: The more transactions you engage in, the more you will be able to get great deals as your “feedback rating” goes up. This can make it possible for you to be a part of closed auctions and other special events.

To find out how OPAS can help you, reach out to us today.

Benefit From 0 Percent US Sales Tax With Your Oregon Address

If you have ever visited the United States in person, then you probably already know that you can sometimes get sales tax money that you paid within the country returned to you. After all, you are not a resident of the country and should not have to worry about its taxes!However, even when you are completely in the right, it can be difficult to reclaim sales taxes from the United States or any other country. Where possible, the best way to deal with this problem is simply to not pay out the taxes in the first place (legally, of course!)

You may also know that the sales tax regime in the United States is very complicated. There is no “Harmonized Sales Tax” as you might see in some other countries. For the most part, the sales tax collected in each state is generally returned to the government of that state. Each state government has its own tax scheme, and percentages can vary wildly. Likewise, each state can designate particular items that will require a higher level of taxes to be paid. When all is said and done, you could end up paying a significant amount in taxes if you are not careful.

Luckily, OPAS has a solution for you.

0 percent US Salex Tax Guaranteed

Benefit From 0 Percent US Sales Tax With Your Oregon Address

The U.S. State of Oregon is the right choice financially and logistically. OPAS facilities are found in the U.S. state of Oregon, located on the West Coast just above California and below Washington. In the frontier period, tens of thousands of people made their way across the country to this state in search of a better life. Now, Oregon is a great place for shipping international packages. Because it is situated right on the coast, it provides convenient sea access to the vast majority of OPAS customers. However, there is also a monetary reason why we selected Oregon. Even though the taxation in the U.S. is very complicated, this system can have advantages. For example, Oregon does not levy sales tax on many purchases, particularly online purchases. This will help protect you against the growing trend of collecting sales tax during an online purchase.

OPAS Makes It Fast And Easy To Ship A Package Internationally

When we were developing the processes behind OPAS, we knew that simplicity would be the key to helping our customers enjoy their purchases faster. Thanks to our work in Oregon, that ease of use is a fundamental part of what we do.

Contact us today to find out more or get started.

Shipping International Packages Is Simpler Than Ever Thanks To OPAS

If you have ever manually shipped  international packages to or from the United States, you know that it can seem like a complicated process. You have to gather a great deal of information in order to be able to ship your item in the first place. Once you have all the data together, then you will need to concern yourself with issues around customs. If you do not mark your packages correctly, you could quickly find that they are either returned to you or simply destroyed.

Even when everything is completely in order, U.S. customs can be notoriously difficult. No matter how challenging or harsh customs may be in your country, odds are good that something just as notable has happened with U.S customs before.

All of this means that it can be hard for the average consumer to make sure that they will be able to enjoy U.S. shopping and brands the way they would like to. Thankfully, OPAS experts have worked hard to streamline and simplify the process.

shipping international packages

Shipping international packages to your home fast, made easy with OPAS.

Because of our experience, we are able to make sure that your package gets to you faster, more easily and with much less likelihood of any complication. We have been chosen by thousands of people around the world to help them get their packages.

Here’s a quick peek at the difference that we make:

1) We Understand How To Get Packages Through Customs

Because we process thousands upon thousands of packages each year, we understand how to deal with all the paperwork needed to get something sent from the United States to your own destination fast. We never make mistakes on customs declarations or other paperwork.

2) We Use The Most Efficient Shipping Routes

Because we are based in the U.S. state of Oregon, we can make sure that your package arrives faster. Oregon is found on the U.S. West Coast and is convenient to the large majority of our customers. Plus, you never need to be concerned with U.S. sales tax.

3) We Pack And Package Items Appropriately

One of the issues around international shipping is a very basic one: Making sure that your item arrives intact. We do everything possible to ensure that your item is fully supported, no matter its size, weight, or how fragile it happens to be.

Connect with the team at OPAS to learn more about how we can help today.

Shopping September Holiday Sales In The U.S.

People in the United States love to celebrate, and they have many different holidays. Although the federal government cannot order that all businesses recognize a holiday and close for a day, as in many other countries, many holidays are still universally recognized regardless.

Even when there are no major holidays in a given month, Americans are often using the time to prepare for other holidays that are happening later on. That’s the case in September: Although there is only one major, universally recognized holiday, you will still find sales.

Americans love to set up great sales no matter the occasion, so major “federal” holidays are a great time to check out your favorite U.S.-based sites. Sales have a tendency to begin the first day of the holiday’s month in some cases, but they can also begin the week before.

shopping september sales in the us

The One Holiday In September That All International Shoppers Should Be Aware Of

In America, the first Monday in September is celebrated as Labor Day. Labor Day recognizes the long struggle of many different parties that have contributed to the labor rights Americans now enjoy: For example, an eight-hour work day, sick days and paid vacation time.

Unlike some of the other holidays that Americans love, there’s no specific item that is associated with Labor Day. On the other hand, you will probably find sales for a wide variety of different industries, so take time out to look at a number of different brands.  Shopping September Holidays sales include things like clothing, electronics, and housewares. If you look carefully enough, you’re bound to find a U.S.-based company that is discounting something you want to buy.

Since people have a tendency to get together during “Labor Day weekend,” you’ll also find that items like barbecue grills and outdoor furniture may be available at reduced prices.

Labor Day Is Only The Beginning When It Comes To U.S. Holiday Shopping

September may not have many holidays of its own, but it is the very beginning of an important shopping season that culminates with Christmas on December 25. September is the time of year when many people start putting together gift packages for those they care about.

Likewise, U.S. shoppers might also start working on hunting deals for Thanksgiving, another major holiday that takes place in November. With OPAS, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the deals as soon as they start, no matter where you are in the world.

Email us today to learn more!

Great Beauty Brands

Embrace the new season and use these versatile products to create your favorite beauty looks. Make the most of your OPAS US address and Shop, Ship and Save these great beauty brands. We’ve listed our three favorites of the moment.

rms lip2cheek



Why we love it: 
rms beauty’s lip2cheek is a unique formula that combines hydration and protection with abundant mineral color for a beautiful, natural finish on both lips and cheeks. Comes in 6 gorgeous shades.
• Created with nourishing organic ingredients
• Each unique shade varies from a youthful sheer to more densely colored stains
• May be applied to lips, cheeks and eyes

Why it’s hot: 
Featured: Harper’s Bazaar, New Beauty and Huffington Post online.




mineral make up

Neutral Matte Palette – Mineral Makeup
Why we love it:

This perfect matte palette, contains 6 versatile colors. These handmade eyeshadows contain rice powder, titanium dioxide, sericite, mica, oxide, kaolin clay.
They do not contain:
NO synthetic ingredients,
NO talcs,
NO parabens,
NO cornstarch,
NO Bismuth Oxychloride or
NO preservative
NO Dye
NO Nano or Micronized products

Made to order. $ 19.00. Purchase here. 


bruket handcreme


L:A Bruket No.92 Hand Cream Sage/Rosemary/Lavender

Get your hands ready for fall!

Why we love it: 
Not only is it moisturizing, this luxe hand cream has natural astringents and cleansing properties. Essential oils stimulate skin and repair dry, chapped skin. Ingredients include Meadowfoam and Comfrey which are known to moisturize and protect skin.
• Extremely healing
• Sage, Rosemary and Lavender oils have a warming and mind strengthening effect
• Containes shea butter for added moisture

$ 26.00. Purchase here. 

Best Accessories For iPad

Make the most out of your OPAS US shipping address and your technology by adding some of these innovative accessories to your device.  Get the best accessories for iPad! Shop and Ship these great tech finds. We’ve listed our three favorites of the moment. Affordable, innovative and stylish. Enjoy! 

Anker 2nd Gen. Astro 6000mAh External Battery Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology. 6000mAh of power is packed into a candy-bar shaped pack ideal for grab-and-go use. Plug in any brand or model and enjoy compatibility that doesn’t limit your charging speed. On sale for only $25.99. Purchase here.

anker external battery charger best accessories for iPad

Please note: when purchasing a battery pack make sure to check wattage hours. Anything above 100 wattage hours is considered dangerous goods, which makes it much harder to ship.

The ICON Sleeve. Innovative TENSAERLITE technology provides maximum impact absorption through a lightweight bumper frame. Designed to keep your favorite technology safe! $59.95. Purchase here.

the ICON sleeve best accessories for iPad


The Moment Wide lens is for the picture taker who wants to capture more of the world in stunning detail. Simply attach it to your iPad or iPhone and capture everything from breathtaking mountain vistas to the ultimate self portrait. $99.99. Available for pre-order (shipping in August). Purchase here. 

the moment lens best accessories for iPad