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Clothing Size Conversion Necessary When Shopping Online in the US

Clothing Size ConversionWhile online shopping offers a great convenience to many consumers, it can also present a number of unknown challenges that are often not realized until they are experienced.  One of the foremost ones that shoppers who love clothing and accessories may encounter is the issue of size conversions across different countries.  This can become even more of a concern with deliveries, especially when returns may be required for finding the correct size.  As a result, it is often best for shoppers to educate themselves about these conversion concerns, so that a purchase may be made properly the first time.

Standards And Culture

While sizing denominations vary greatly across countries, categorization can also cause confusion in finding the right fit.  Cultural differences will often result in one country’s size “small” corresponding to another country’s size “large”.  This can be especially important to remember when purchasing clothing or shoes from Japan, China, or Indonesia, where sizing traditionally runs smaller.

Beyond the conceptual differences of sizing, shoppers will also need to remember that countries use different scales for clothing and shoes.  Even within the European continent, there are considerable variances that can impede a proper fit without correct size conversion.  As an example, a size 32 in France is equivalent to a size 30 in Germany and a size 36 in Italy.  However, in the US, this would also be the same as a size 2. Are you still following :-)

While some retailers do offer conversion charts for their online shoppers, these may only address a limited number of countries and scales.  Newer mobile apps for size conversion can also be helpful, especially ones that utilize personal measurements in generating the applicability of size scales.  This can all ensure that clothing and show purchases are done with confidence, and that the items will fit well and be flattering to the individual.

In short, make sure you do your research, check out these handy tips about clothing size conversion and get out the tape measure!

Getting The Fit

Of course, actually receiving the ordered items is also a part of the equation for gaining the proper fit.  At OPAS, we can be of service with package forwarding for national and international clients.  This means that while you are confident about making the right choices for sizing, you can also be confident that OPAS package forwarding will deliver the impeccable styles you have picked out.

The OPAS Friends Program – What You Need To Know

OPAS Friends ProgramThe OPAS FRIENDS Program has been revised! Now you can earn free shipping by referring your network to OPAS.

Q: What is the OPAS FRIENDS program?

The OPAS FRIENDS Program is an affiliate program that OPAS uses to provide benefits to those who bring new members and business to OPAS.

In short, when you refer someone to OPAS and they use our shipping service, you will benefit! You will receive 5% of their shipping charges as a credit to your account. You can use this credit for your own OPAS service fees, you can redeem it for Amazon gift cards, or request that OPAS sends you money by PayPal! The more your OPAS FRIENDS ship, more credit you can earn!

Q: What are the new features for the OPAS FRIENDS program?

  • You will be able to redeem your credit not only for OPAS service fees but also to receive Amazon gift cards or PayPal payment!
  • There will be no more expiry date for your credit.
  • You can share personalized links to OPAS’ service by your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), also in email messages or banners on your personal website to try to recruit as many referrals for your OPAS FRIENDS Program listing as possible!

Anyone who signs up for OPAS using your OPAS FRIENDS link will also get FREE REGISTRATION at OPAS and receive a special promo code for a 5% discount off any shipment! If they sign up for our OPAS FRIENDS program and select a basic Package Only account to begin with, your friends won’t be charged by OPAS at all until they begin using our service.

Q: What’s changed from the previous program?

  • The percentage of credit accrued will be a 5% flat rate, and is no longer based on the number of referrals.
  • Credit will be calculated every time a request for one of your OPAS FRIENDS is processed rather than calculated on a monthly basis.
  • There will be a waiting period of 30 days before any credit is eligible to be redeemed.

Q: Where can I review my account credit?

Log in your OPAS account and you will find “Your Credit” link on the left navigation menu. On this page, you will be able to review how much credit is pending or available, and how many OPAS FRIENDS you have.

Q: How can I get my friends to be my OPAS FRIENDS?

Go to the sharing OPAS page from the left side navigation menu in your account manager, and start sharing OPAS service with your friends today! You can select preferred methods from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and more.

Please refer to our website here or contact OPAS Customer Service at service@opas.com if you have any questions about this program, or anything else.

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Overseas Shipping Without The Hassle

Overseas Shipping Without The HassleFamilies and individuals around the world are finding that it is more common to have relatives and acquaintances who live overseas.  This also means that any number of gifts and goods are shipped internationally, and this can create challenges for ensuring that goods arrive at the appropriate location.

Although international shipping concerns can be an issue for people who do a lot of their shopping online, it can also be a problem for individuals who are trying to do something special for their loved ones.  OPAS package forwarding and overseas shipping can help on both of these levels, and may even add benefits for the purchasers over time. Standing in line at the post office is simply not so much fun, especially when you are asked the inevitable questions about filling out lengthy customs forms.

One of the primary challenges that can arise with international shipping does come from placing orders with vendors who will only deliver to a US mailing address.  In these cases, OPAS provides a valid American mailing address where the goods may arrive.  Thereafter, we take care of the package forwarding to ensure that the items arrive at the overseas address they were purchased from.

However, international shipping can also be a concern for friends and family who are trying to send gifts to relatives living overseas.  While a number of online vendors will allow for gift deliveries to different shipping addresses, they may still require that the parcels arrive at a US mailing address.  In this case, OPAS can also take the hassle out of the delivery dilemma, by receiving the goods initially and then sending the parcels internationally.

Either way, signing up for an OPAS package forwarding service can take much of the stress out of getting items to overseas recipients.  The services can offer different tiers for parcels and for mail, and can simplify communications in real-time, even when they are generated through online vendors.

We know you like to send care packages filled with staples such as peanut butter, american cereals and magazines and we also know you don’t enjoy the post office shuffle, so let us help. OPAS takes care of the overseas shipping without the hassle!

Zappos International Shipping With OPAS

zappos international shippingZappos.com is just one of OPAS’ favorite brands. This great vendor started out with a vast selection of name brand shoes at wholesale prices, and is now known for everything from clothing and accessories to household wares. For many shoppers, this makes Zappos.com a one stop shop for nearly every type of list.  While this is certainly ideal when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a friend or relative, it also makes Zappos.com a big favorite for everyday needs and treats as well. Great for the international shopper but also for American expats living abroad.

Zappos International Shipping With OPAS

The ease of finding everything under one virtual roof is an efficient benefit for online shoppers everywhere.  However, online shopping also means that shipping becomes one of the considerations of making purchases.  Having a US shipping address can be a qualification for being able to take advantage of all the fashion and beauty supplies that Zappos has to offer.  Yet, even this consideration does not need to dissuade the avid shopper from benefiting from the plethora of goods to be had.

At OPAS, we can provide buyers from around the world with an appropriate US mailing address that will qualify Zappos purchases to be made.  This service is simple to set up and creates a virtual US forwarding address where all the parcels may arrive.  Once orders have reached the mail forwarding address, OPAS can either give the option to ship internationally as they arrive, or to consolidate the order for an even more cost effective choice.

How To Save More On International Shipping

With many online retailers, international shipping can lead to elevated costs, inability to actually purchase, and difficulties in getting parcels in a timely fashion.  OPAS package forwarding helps customers overcome these challenges, since we take care of the concerns for international shipping.  This means that all buyers will need to concern themselves with is making their Zappos.com purchases, and letting us handle all the rest. Simply place your order, send to your Oregon address for free, and save up to 10% in US sales tax on top of that. You can then choose to wait and have other packages sent to your US address in order to benefit from package consolidation and save on your international shipping.

Read tips about package consolidation here.

If you love Zappos visit the OPAS website today, and set up a mail forwarding address.  This will not only enable the purchases, but will also facilitate international shipping, to ensure that goods arrive where they are intended, and in a timely fashion. Zappos International Shipping is easy with OPAS!

Shop Tory Burch Online With OPAS

Shop Tory Burch Online With OPASOne of our favorite brands is Tory Burch, and by the sheer amount of packages we receive regularly in our warehouse we know it is also one of your favorite brands! This all-American brand was founded by Tory Burch in 2004. Opening in a retail store in Manhattan and selling out most of the inventory on the first day. A truly successful start!

Whilst Tory Burch is mostly known for her designer handbags, the fashion line also includes ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches, home decor, and a fragrance and beauty collection.

Fashion Meets Fitness

Next to the handbags and fashions we have come to love, Fitbit recently launched it’s collaboration with Tory Burch. You can now transform your Fitbit Flex® tracker into a super chic accessory with this exclusive collection. The range includes bracelets as well as necklaces with Fitbit pendants. Remember—you’ll need a Fitbit Flex to turn these fashion pieces into a fitness tracker!

Shop Tory Burch Online With OPAS

If you would like to shop the US Tory Burch website but are running into some problems with regards to payment and international shipping, you know we can help.

First try to have your order sent to your personal Oregon package forwarding address, saving up to 9-10% in US sales tax! If you run into any difficulty with your form of payment we suggest you try the US Unlocked Card. This prepaid US debit card acts like a prepaid VISA card and is accepted almost everywhere.

As always we are here and ready to help if you need any assistance. Please reach out to us via Twitter or send us an email at service@opas.com.





Shipping Nu Skin Internationally

shipping nu skin internationallyWhat You Need To Know About Shipping Nu Skin Internationally

Anytime you are shopping for anti-aging products and skin care supplements, one of the first brand names that typically come to mind is the Utah-based company, Nu Skin Enterprises.  Without a doubt, their entire product line is one of the leaders in the beauty products, cosmetics, and personal care products industry niche.  They also provide Pharmanex dietary supplements.  Unfortunately, they are not available on a worldwide scale.  However, if your business operates in this industry niche and you know how Nu Skin products can benefit your sales and profits, then not being able to acquire them could be a costly problem.

Use An International Package Forwarding Service

Our company has solved this dilemma by using Overseas Personal Address Service for your entire international package forwarding service needs.  No matter where your business is located, our US package forwarding service will see to it that your Nu Skin products arrive at their international destination without any problems.  As one of our many clients, you will enjoy the benefits of using a US mail forwarding address.  Ordering from Nu Skin is easy when you have a USA package forwarding service account with OPAS.

Additionally, our company is located in Oregon, a state that does not charge sales tax.  So, that is an additional expense that you will not have to worry about when ordering your Nu Skin products and shipping them internationally.  When you consider how their company goal is to be the world’s leading seller of anti-aging products and skin care supplements, they will benefit from your ability to ship their products anywhere in the world, therefore expanding their reach worldwide.

How To Deliver Nu Skin Products Worldwide

Simply stated, ordering and shipping Nu Skin products through a US international mail forwarding service generates more sales and profits for your company.  When you sign up for an account and get a US address for shipping, you can order and ship Nu Skin products.  However, the first step is to contact the company and get an “International Product Purchase Agreement” in order to start purchasing their products.

When you place an order with them, our US package forwarding service will forward your products to you, wherever you are.  OPAS usually contracts to DHL for international delivery purposes.  So if you prefer to use a different delivery service, just contact our customer service and they will be able to assist you so that your shipping needs are facilitated efficiently and quickly. Now you know how all you need to know about shipping Nu Skin Internationally!

Get ZARA USA International Shipping

The ZARA USA Sale 2014 is starting soon. We estimate it will start at or around Christmas time if we base our predictions on previous years. Since the opening of the new online store in the US we have had a lot of requests about how to successfully shop on the ZARA US online store outside the US. This US store is different and more popular for one obvious reason: the prices are lower than those of almost all of the other countries’ stores.

For example, compare the following prices for ZARA’s Combined Studio Coat at the online stores in the US, Denmark, and Japan.

ZARA Combined Studio Coat (Women)

  • US Online Store $229 USD
  • Denmark Online Store 1399.00 DKK ($250 USD)
  • Japan Online Store 27,900 JPY ($362 USD)

In some countries, the US price is as low as 36% off and of course these differences become even more interesting during the winter ZARA sale. So what can you do if you’re interested in ZARA styles, but can’t find ZARA in your country, or just want to get a better price?

We know it can be difficult or even impossible to make a successful purchase from the ZARA US Online store when you do not live in the US, so let’s take a look at a few things you can do to prepare for an effective virtual shopping trip.

ZARA USA International Shipping Using Package Forwarding

Step 1. Registering for a package forwarding account. To encourage you to buy from the stores in other countries (at higher prices), the ZARA US online store only ships to US addresses. However, you can get your own US address by registering for a package forwarding account, use it to order from the ZARA US online store, and ship your packages internationally. This is the first step in making a successful purchase on ZARA US online.

When you shop the ZARA USA online store you will have to hide your location and set up a VPN (virtual private network) service, such as Hotspot Shield, Strong VPN, or HideMyAss. to ensure you are not being blocked purely based on your IP address. We know this sounds a bit technical but it’s not that difficult to set up.

We have had some feedback from clients that some orders to be sent to package forwarding addresses are not accepted or cancelled. What now? There are two more things you can do:

Step 2. Get a US Unlocked Card. OPAS has teamed up with US Unlocked to offer you their US Unlocked Card. The US Unlocked Card is a debit card with your own US billing address. This address allows you to shop mostly anywhere.

Step 3. Use our Personal Shopper Service. If your package forwarding address and having a US billing address with US Unlocked is not enough for you to make a successful purchase with ZARA US online we offer our personal shopper solution. This option always works but does include higher service fees.

However, your OPAS package forwarding address is located in Oregon, the 0% US sales tax state, and you are probably saving a bundle from shopping the sale, which means you are still saving, even if you are using our personal shopper service.


Here is how you would calculate the costs of using our personal shopper service:

Combine purchase price and domestic shipping (which is often free, especially above a certain value) and add 15% for Package Only members, 10% for package & Mail members. Then add international shipping costs. Use our shipping calculator to estimate that cost: http://www.opas.com/shipping_calculator.php. To be even more complete, if you are worried about added customs duties in your country you can use this tool: www.dutycalculator.com. Now you have a full picture of the costs involved!

If you’re interested in clothes from ZARA, using a package forwarding account to get international shipping from the ZARA US online store is definitely the cheapest way to buy them.





International Shopping Service

international shopping service

Who uses our service?

International Shoppers

  • Our international shopping service allows non-US residents the ability to purchase virtually any item from a US store and have it shipped to their home location anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost.
  • Receive mail from any source
  • Take advantage of historically low exchange rates for the US dollar
  • Receive your items at a fraction of what it would normally cost to send without OPAS


  • OPAS is an ideal solution for expatriates desiring a reliable address through which to receive mail and packages.
  • Maintain a US address to receive any type of mail/package
  • Purchase items online not available in your current location and have us ship them to you.


Frequent users of eBay often comment on the inability for non-US residents to participate in the great deals and hard-to-find items listed on the world’s largest online auction site. An OPAS mailbox opens the doors of eBay to the entire world of users, both buyers and sellers.

  • For buyers, simply use your OPAS address when purchasing your items
  • If you prefer, use our personal shopper service and we’ll buy it for you
  • For sellers, we offer a special service to allow you to bulk ship your sale items to OPAS and we’ll fulfill your orders to US customers.

International Businesses

OPAS is the leader in providing an international shopping service to small businesses and eBay sellers who want a US order fulfilment capability.

  • Our staff work with you to design a cost-effective shipping program
  • Safely store your goods in our secure warehouse facility and let us fulfill your orders
  • We ship your items immediately upon notification of a sale to a US buyer
  • We can link directly to your management system to provide timely feedback

Get A US Address – How It Works

What we do in a nutshell:

how OPAS works

Get a US address

1. We provide you a with a personal mailbox with a real US address to receive packages.

Shop online 

2. Shop mostly anywhere and for almost anything – just have it shipped to your OPAS US address mailbox.

We forward it all to you  

3. We send all packages directly to you overseas – at a significant savings to standard shipping rates. We can do this right away, or we can consolidate your packages for you.

Your OPAS US address allows you too:

  1. Make purchases from most online retailers in the United States, even those who do not ship internationally.
  2. Benefit from 0% sales tax GUARANTEED as your address will be in Oregon, the 0% US sales tax state
  3. Take advantage of US internet sales and favorable exchange rates.
  4. Have an easy-to-use way to receive mail and forward packages to your overseas address
  5. Avoid difficulty using international credit cards with US merchants by using our Personal Shopper service or signing up for a debit card with our partner US Unlocked.
  6. Save a ton on shipping
  7. Buy and sell from eBay.com
  8. Consolidate items from many stores into one international shipment and save BIG (read our tips on consolidation here)

OPAS’ significant volume discounts save our customers up to 70% off the cost of shipping the items themselves! We have partnered with DHL and UPS – the global market leaders in the logistics industry. DHL and UPS deliver packages to more than 200 countries. Because of our partnerships, our customers can take advantage of steep discounts, track their packages in transit and receive their packages within 2-5 business days to most locations.

Get A US Address Today! 




Holiday Wish List – How To Get The Goods They Want

Although getting everything that is on your holiday wish list can be a rewarding part of the Holiday season, many people are just as excited about giving these gifts and seeing the joy on other people’s faces.  There is a certain satisfaction that is attained from surprising others with both unique and desired holiday presents.  This can make shopping for these items a treat as well.

With online access to world of retailers, finding just the right item for a Christmas present can become a much easier feat.  This includes those friends and family members who are hard to shop for, since the gifting options of the internet are boundless.

In many cases, major retailers like Amazon, Ebay, or even the Apple store will be able to complete much of the shopping for Christmas.  However, smaller niche market sellers can also be accessed with ease, and this will often allow for those unique presents that will please those who seem hard to please.

Holiday Wish List - How To Get The Goods

Getting The Goods

While online Christmas shopping does reduce much of the stress of running from store to store, there can be some factors to take into consideration, in order to ensure the right amount of holiday cheer.

  • Shipping – this includes the time it will take for orders to arrive and any shipping restrictions a vendor may have, such as international addresses.
  • Order processing – while this is an aspect of shipping, it is more related to how fast a ware house can complete an order.  Just because an order is processing does not actually mean that it is in the post.
  • Availability – some retailers will list the amount of stock on an item, and this is important to consider.  Low stock items may still allow the shopper to purchase them, but buyers can end up with a backorder if another order gets processed beforehand.
  • Billing restrictions – certain vendors require a US billing address or a debit card that is backed by a US bank in order to be processed.  These restrictions can create delays and frustration for the buyer.

In order to attend to these factors, it can be important for online shoppers to make their purchases early, as this allows sufficient time for delivery. Remember our Holiday Countdown Timeline?

It can also be necessary to set up a US Unlocked debit card account, since this can be required for completing the purchase.  Having all of these considerations attended to in advance can improve the Christmas gifting experience. The result is easy shopping, easy gifting, and lots of holiday cheer.